Lead Generation

We’ll generate your leads, you work on increasing your sales.

Intrust Communications understands that problems can arise when your sales team spends countless hours generating leads and booking appointments, when in fact you want them spending time in front of the customer, actually selling.  

We specialise in lead generation and telesales. We will work with you to set and agree a plan of action that will ensure your sales increase and your sales pipeline is maintained. We will generate leads on your behalf, and create fully qualified appointments. This lets your sales team focus on the customer, and close the deal.

If you’re unsure how this can hugely impact your sales, please feel free to give us a call to discuss your options - and there’s no obligation to follow through.

The benefits

We have a proven track record for generating leads, and only book qualified meetings

We provide comprehensive feedback to our clients, so you always have room for growth

Outsourcing Lead Generation is a highly cost-effective way of booking appointments

We work to your criteria, but can always offer advice on continuous improvement

Ready to boost your business?