Customer Retention and Win-Back

Winback & Retention Campaigns are one of the most important campaigns in any business

Let Intrust Communications work with you as a partner to ensure your customers are happy. Not only can we help you win back your former customers, but we can ensure that current customers stay with you, for example explaining your Companys benefits and outlining the value of staying with you.

We can provide this invaluable service to you in a cost effective way. And even better, we can offer you with comprehensive feedback on why your customer felt the need to leave in the first place - such a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as a business.

This service will include a full report and analysis.

Remember you can only grow your business by increasing your installed base and also keeping your exisiting customers

The benefits

Cost effective way to grow your customer base, former customers are more inclined to continue business with you

Keep those customers onboarded.

Full reporting as to why the customer left in the first place

We really listen to your customers, understand their views, and work with them ensure retention or win-back

Ready to boost your business?